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The Invisibles

Ben Slavic, author of many books on CI including The Big CI Book and A Natural Approach to the Year has just released his new book on the Invisibles and One Word Images as well as the acclaimed Star Sequence Curriculum.

This is Ben's newest contribution to comprehensible input (CI) language instruction, The Invisibles unveils his powerful new invention - the Star Sequence, a masterpiece curriculum design. It also provides in-depth explanations of how to use all of his time tested and highly-rated CI classroom strategies, including One Word Images, Individually Created Characters, the Word Chunk Team Game, the Student Jobs, etc.

Ben shares:

"There has been so much confusion about how to use storytelling in language instruction over the years. I wanted to write a book so that a new teacher could pick up CI without knowing anything about storytelling and be comfortable with CI within a few months, without ever having attended a conference or read any other books on TPRS or CI. This is my best book.”

Teachers are saying about these books:

"This has totally transformed my teaching. No more grammar worksheets!"
David Hobson

"Honestly, what you've written is about 5 times more advanced than what I had in my mind of what
TPRS could be at it's best!"
Robin Ann Martin

"I need to understand the entire picture. Your books get into the nuts and bolts and from what I've read so far they explain all aspects of the topics from top to bottom. Exactly what I was looking for."
Daniel Prosseda

"The Star Sequence is amazingly intuitive and allows new people to CI, those with the deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces to chill out. The concept is solid. The Star Sequence itself is a fabulous support graphic."
Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

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TPRS in a Year!

Ben's #1 selling TPRS book.

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PQA in a Wink!

The companion guide to TPRS in a Year!

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Training DVDs

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TPRS/CI training and private community.

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What Senor Wooly Says
"My very first experience with TPRS was Ben Slavic's book, TPRS in a Year!

It was clear and concise, breaking the process down into easy-to-follow steps that made TPRS seem approachable and very doable."

James Wooldridge, aka Senior Wooly


What Ben Slavic's Members Are Saying 
Read the amazing testimonials below to see how Ben is helping TPRS teachers around the world!

Dr. Robert Patrick

"Ben, I need an extra day off just to read the content in the PLC, ponder and digest.

It's just too good, but that's the nice thing about there always being more than I can take in.

I know that when I go there, I am never disappointed."

Dr. Robert Patrick
University of Georgia

* Ben's books and PLC membership are the required course materials in Dr. Patrick's graduate course in education at the University of Georgia - LLED 7045 Comprehensible Input and Second Language Acquisition.
  TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Brigitte K.

"Ben, thank you for providing these amazing resources for all of us.  Your PLC is always my first (and usually the only) stop when I am in need of some guidance and/or support as I embark on the wonderful journey of teaching the TPRS way.

Not only do you provide invaluable resources that make my daily life so much easier and allow me to focus on improving my TPRS skills, but you encourage the exchange with like-minded individuals who so freely share of themselves and their vast experience.

If it were not for your membership and the contributions of all our wonderful colleagues, I wouldn't have had the confidence to jump head-first into these unchartered waters. Now, I'm so glad I did and I will never look back!"

Brigitte K.

"Ben,  I've been applying my reading in Stepping Stones and have been amazed at how much my classes have changed. There's a much lighter mood to them and the kids love their jobs.

Thanks again for everything so far - every week is becoming more fun and I look forward to my CI classes very much!"

Jason Bond 

"Stepping Stones was twice as impactful as attending a multi-day CI/TPRS conference. Reading it in late-August helped me establish, in those precious first days, a rapport and procedure that are putting my year on a whole new level.

Stepping Stones has leveled the playing field by systematically translating CI theory into CI teaching - with any personality. It will give any new practitioner confidence to move forward.

Liam O'Neill
  Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Brian O.

"All I have to say is that Ben's Professional Learning Community membership has quickly become the rock of my professional sanity, the center of my focus for the future, the direction that I have been looking for nine years of teaching. 

This is also my first year with TPRS and it is
positively affirming to see others doing what I am also trying in my class!

How ironic to get that here when I do not even get that kind of professional sharing amongst the teachers I work with on a daily basis"

Brian O.
  TPRS Ben Slavic - Testimonial - Alani C.

My teacher friends and I rave about you and quote you all the time! I love Blaine and Von Ray's work, but I didn't grasp the TPRS method until I read your book "TPRS in a Year". I was then able to envision my new way of teaching. (This is also what my teacher friends have experienced.)

You saved me (us). I owe you my teaching life! I was ready to quit. Things aren't perfect, but I have only just starting my adventure with TPRS. I am pretty happy with how these past eleven weeks have gone - much better than my previous 9 years using the textbook. 

Thank you for your books and your inspiration.  You are incredible!  You are the best!

Thank you,

Alani C.

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....there’s something metaphysical about this approach…it’s almost mindfulness of language.  It is throwing away the
shackles of the analytical, conscious, right/wrong, ego-based mind…and diving into the blue waters of the imagination…
- Katherine Burke

The deeper mind parses languages millions of times faster than the conscious mind, and with no visible effort.
It is like a gift from God. It IS a gift from God. Treat it that way. You’re not in charge
of your students’ learning – their deeper minds are. You can be of service to that process or not by providing
your students with plenty of high quality CI. But it wouldn’t be anything new if you didn’t.

Accept the gift in gratitude. Don’t be so full of pride that you think you can teach someone a language. You can’t.
You aren’t that talented. You can only present the language to them in large quantities of input that they can understand.
The students’ deeper mind bosses will then do the rest and you will be amazed at what the kids can do over time.


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