Houdini Sample Script

Chris asked for a sample script from Anne Matava’s new book of scripts to set up Le Nouveau Houdini/El Nuevo Houdini. I’ve chosen the script written for Chapter 3, about the house rules Brandon had to follow when his parents went to Hawaii. In my level 1 class, instead of Brandon’s grandmother or a fireman (the variable in Anne’s script), our own actor “William” had to follow a set of seven rules made up by his uncle, a Mexican drug lord. When the kids went to read the chapter, it was easy, which is the whole point Anne wrote the scripts.

Just click on the link to read the chapter in either French or Spanish:

Houdini Sample Script_French

Houdini Sample Script_Spanish

I asked Anne for a blurp about these books and here is what she said:

“I wrote these scripts to help my students read Le Nouvel Houdini. Some of them are my favorites of all time; the rest are solidly serviceable. In my class we make up a story and then read the corresponding chapter. As always it is crucial that people consider what their students have already acquired before jumping into the scripts. Modifications may be in order depending on the needs of the students.”



8 thoughts on “Houdini Sample Script”

  1. I just received my e-copy. I could see using these stories for the 1st marking period of French 2 and segue into the reading. In light of the recent comments about dealing with the unique sophomore personality, could be a solution. Delightful scripts. Thanks, Anne.

  2. Yes I think level two would be better for them. I have been using/testing them with my level ones only because I don’t have any twos this year, and also because my levels ones kick major ass this year.

    I go chapter by chapter, setting each chapter up with the script(s) for that chapter, but Anne says doing them all at once as you suggest above is a fine option as well.

    1. That gets the variety thing going. Hmmm. Do you R and D the stories that come out of the scripts or skip that and go to the reading. It works with your two week schedule? I have one less day than you with forty minute classes. My schedule can run 12 real class meeting. Flex-mod schedule, the best of the seventies. Not! Like I said – the devil is in the details!

  3. …do you R and D the stories that come out of the scripts or skip that and go to the reading?…

    Great point Carol. I personally see no need to do Step 3 with these stories.

    …it works with your two week schedule?….

    I’m not doing the Two Weeks Schedule right now. I would rather at this point in the year get through Houdini and get to another book before our big DPS exit battery for WL which happens at the end of April. When I need test scores, and whenever spring rolls around, I get my kids reading reading reading.

  4. Hey, Ben, or Anne, is there any way I could receive an e-copy of the Nouvel Houdini scripts? I just do not have the scripting genius that Anne has. I would love to have them and would be glad to pay.
    Thanks so much!

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