Go Deep! (Patricia va a California, Chapter 3, Part IV)

Bryce ends his four part series on reading with this:
Reading more than once is OK.  Hearing it more than once is OK.
Once is not enough.  Reading a text over and over is good.  We have to figure out how to get kids to do that.
I think that there are other reasons to read more than once that are less pedagogical but that are still valid, because I am also a stakeholder in the class:  I get tired; I get overwhelmed by paperwork and deadlines; sometimes I even get lazy. 
The other day for P.A.T. time I was exhausted and I had to garner my voice for parent teacher conferences, so I gave the students some options that would be easy on me.  They had the choice of playing games in pairs or watching a video of Pobre Ana that they had previously seen.  The students know it is OK to repeat, but we had already seen it a second time at the end of the first semester a few months ago.  Surprisingly, the vote went to the video.  Not one student said that it was stupid or asked why we had to watch this again.   I anticipated some sighs, or grumbling, but instead, to my great surprise they said things like, “This is easy!” or, “I can understand this so much better now!”  They were mostly engaged and most seemed to enjoy seeing and hearing it again, this time with greater understanding.  C.I. nirvana.
My adult students have spontaneously been doing this for years.  Some have put the CD’s of books in their cars’ CD players and have left it there for weeks.  Every time they get in, they listen, and boy do they start getting fluent.



2 thoughts on “Go Deep! (Patricia va a California, Chapter 3, Part IV)”

  1. Thank you for this! Another gift from you Colorado folks. I found it amazing how many times Ben’s class could go back to the beginning of a paragraph and say the same thing again. I used to do this as a punitive measure, when not everyone seemed to be paying attention, for example. Now I am using it as an affirming measure, to show students how much they understand the second time through, or the third time. There is no more rushing to get to the end. I just stop right where we are, and say “Wow! You got so much of that!” and then go back one more time to relive the thrill.
    I am truly impressed that your students opted for Pobre Ana one more time. Reminds me of my toddler and The Lion King. One more time was never enough.

  2. Because I have been using songs to backward plan a lot lately, I love getting my hands on a video version of the song with subtitles. This is huge, I think, as they can watch the video as it helps with meaning, while reading and listening.
    Thanks for the idea to write questions sometimes, instead of always just asking them orally. Good change up.
    And Bryce, thanks for showing it’s ok to replay a video or reread a text. I’m always hesitant to do that for some reason. I think I’ll give it a try next time I’m spent.

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