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Tina and I just finished our new Bite Size Book on Classroom Management.

I am offering it (only here) at no charge so just follow this link if you want it. (Please keep the link private to PLC members only.)

It might help some of us reset our classroom management buttons for the new year:



25 thoughts on “Free Coupon”

  1. Thank you ( but I had already purchased it). I can’t wait to get back in the class with my students tomorrow.

    1. Sarah we owe you a free bite size book. I’ll talk to Tina about getting some coupons for some of the other ones for PLC members. There are many in the pipeline but the pipeline is clogged with so much other stuff.

  2. $10 for a book that´s worth 20,000 dollars.

    Just today I had a situation that I used these techniques for. Due to the situation I couldn’t put the student in the hall but the “What happened? Why did I call you to talk to you?” works GREAT. I got a student to admit to something that now I can submit the referral for.

    Make THEM ask you why you are talking to them. Brilliant.

  3. Thanks so much Ben. At this stage, the honeymoon period is done. Now all I want is a smooth ride to the end of the year!

    I created an account and was able to enroll in the course after confirming my email.

    1. Well Tina and I are now all about projects for April and May. Does that whet your appetite? Everybody else does ’em. Why not us? Why work for 9 months when we can work 7? The plan is very solid and only requires a class that has been trained on CI for the first seven months.

  4. Hi! I just read this book and, thank you, for the free coupon! I have been lucky that I rarely have discipline issues but I will certainly be memorizing these steps to use in the future if I need them! They are really great!
    I do have a question, though. This year I have a senior in a predominantly freshman class. He is really a nice and respectful young man and is never a ‘behavioral’ issue. However, I see that he zones out often during our conversations/stories and it is getting worse as the year goes on. Let’s say that I use plan “A” and remind the “class” to “Listen with the intent to understand” and I see that later or another day he still zones out. Should I ever go to plan “B” and stand in front of him with the “Queen Victoria stare” even though he is not being a disruption to class? I feel that plans B and on would be more appropriate for disruptive behavior.
    So, I am just wondering what other suggestions you may have besides lowering his grade on the Interpersonal Communication rubric. But, even here, he still has been getting a B since I never have to personally remind him (the class reminder is enough) and he never blurts anything out…it’s just the constant zoning in and out each period.
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  5. I would not do any of the discipline moves with him like the stare – this is mostly about him being a senior with ninth graders. It reveals how much the social piece affects kids in class.

    I’d float him a grade and let him know that I realize how hard it must be to be in a class of freshman and ask him to simply stop zoning out, lowering him on the IC grade down as far as I needed to in order to get compliance. But nothing in front of class.

    Seniors are often “lost” in high schools. They want out like an animal wants out of a cage. So it is hard for him to be in there in the first place.

    He also might be awake at all hours of the night, which seems to be happening more and more these days in our screen society. I think it’s tougher than ever to even be in school these days for too many kids. They are all hurting so badly.

  6. Thanks, Ben! That’s what I was thinking. I’ll have to do my best.
    It’s amazing how each year the mid-term and final exams are such a reflection on how much the students have been paying attention all year! We just finished mid-terms today and all the kids that consistently get A’s and B’s on the rubric score A’s and B’s on the exam. The kids that tend to zone out in class are those that always score significantly lower on the exams!! And that’s just what happened with this senior!! That goes to show that if they are “actively listening in class”, they will acquire the language! However, if they don’t listen with the intent to understand, they are just wasting their time!

    1. Keri I just Skyped with Pablo Román in Spain (the Dreaming Spanish guy) and he was asking why kids just cannot listen to Spanish for the joy of learning. I explained that they can at first but that the “new” feeling of “Yay I am understanding everything!” wears off and about halfway through the year we have to provide scaffolding (or I do at least) to help them continue to listen and understand. Yes, those who tend to zone out, have lower abilities. It always happens to me too. Despite all my “tricks” to get them to attend, there I still have members of the “zone out crew” up in there.

      1. Glad to know it’s not just me! Yes, this senior already has very low self esteem when it comes to Spanish! He literally knows nothing and with the way the class is run, I can tell he is quite embarrassed because I can see it. But, I do not judge or act surprised in any way because most of the kids who come in Spanish 3 know very little since they were all drilled with grammar in their other classes. At the end of class on the first day, he said out loud in English “I learned more Spanish today than I did in my last two years of Spanish”. I was happy he said that because he is kind of a “role model” to the freshman and sophomores in the class. They all look up to him. But, now, that’s the reason why I really wish he weren’t zoning out so much because the other kids notice, I’m sure. But I certainly can’t force him to listen.

        1. Keri there’s one thing about the zoning out that I feel is at its core – it is rarely because we are boring. Generally, when most of the class is with us, it’s not us boring that one kid. In my view, the issue is all about stress and concern in other areas of the child’s life, or has something to do that is personal like lack of sleep. It’s almost as if their young minds are carrying too much concern and worry for them to follow along w us. I say that bc I was like that in high school.

        2. Oh Keri, we all have those kids. I’m thinking of my senior class. It’s funny how this one girl, Chelsea, will be happily smiling and nodding as I’m talking (and not just brushing me off. You can tell.) and the next minute she has her head down and her eyes closed.

          I don’t hound her, but I do call her name softly and wait for her to lift up her head or open her eyes. I do that at the right moment. Chelsea has a history of being combative at our school. Not so much this year, but in years past. I know she has some issues at home, with her mom. It was clear when mom came to parent teacher conference intoxicated.

          I think we have to be persistent with our expectation that they be alert, but not hound them so much to make them antagonistic.

    2. … the kids that tend to zone out in class are those that always score significantly lower on the exams!!….

      I have found this to be true as well Keri. It’s the only time I have wished that the semester exams count much more.

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