First Class – 11 – Again on the Order of Teaching Verbs

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4 thoughts on “First Class – 11 – Again on the Order of Teaching Verbs”

  1. Just curious as to whether DPS shares or sells this info to other schools? It seems like they are on the forefront of implementing CI within a very large district and it would be lovely to not have to reinvent the wheel. I opened an email this morning from our our department head informing us that as part of our professional development plan this year, all teachers must update their department’s curriculum maps (which I hate) and also create a syllabus for each class that is taught within each department (which I know no student or parent will look at).
    Although I know these will never get looked at by the higher ups, we will still have to have something on paper. Therefore, I would love to look at these DPS verbs/verbal structures to utilize as part of our curriculum mapping process. This is only the 2nd year that I will be teaching with TPRS, along with one other member of my department (there are 5 of us), so we really just work from story to story.

    1. I ask because when you do, you get the Look I Can Talk student book and teacher guide. My new school district uses that, and the TPR words and the structures that are in it. The curriculum maps are based on those stories and the vocab for them. That is our “map” and we are just required to teach those verbs for each level, much like DPS does. I never really looked too much at the list until today (actually) working with my new colleague. (I was at a non-CI school before – I was the only CI teacher, so I was trying to make it work with a textbook and grammar-based curriculum/syllabus. It didn’t work – I was so torn in so many different directions!) After working with Jess today, I #1 am still in disbelief that this is really happening! and #2. See how truly simple this whole process really is (planning-wise; it DOES take a hell of a lot more energy, but it’s a really GREAT energy that wakes up your senses and makes you go home smiling and sometimes laughing in the car on the way home!!! haha)
      Don’t try to overthink it too much. I had some discussions with Ben a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden a light went off when he said something to me. It was: VERBS. that’s IT! Just concentrate on the VERBS….everything else will fall into place.
      Since you’re new, (as I am really too! This is my first opportunity to dive head on into CI/TPRS without being blasted for it or have snide remarks made to me, which alleviates SO much stress! So, I’m not afraid anymore.) get a “textbook” like the Look I Can Talk (by Blaine) or Cuentame (by Carol Gaab – that’s the Spanish, sorry, I don’t know what you teach!) that gives you structures, several embedded readings that include those structures, then a series of comprehension questions for assessment of those readings. Voila! no planning necessary and you have a textbook to base your curriculum maps on!!

  2. When I was starting I was concerned about what targets to choose, so I compiled the targets from some TPRS curriculums. . .
    – Cuentame by Gaab is compelling, but not high-frequency.
    – Fluency Fast by Rowan is more compelling and higher frequency, but would only work for a short course.
    – LICT structures are not compelling, but high-frequency. The targets of the newer LICT are totally weird, sometimes an entire sentence long!
    – The LICT 2006 list of structures is better than the newer version in my opinion. Blaine Ray shared that list on moreTPRS, which I dug up once and just found it again. See message 7:
    Now, I take a story script I think will be compelling to ask and I rewrite it to simplify it (short sentences), reduce it to the bare minimum of language (ideally the entire story could be told with just your 3 targets), and as I consult a list of the highest frequency 200 words, I rewrite the script with these higher frequency words and leave in targets that are compelling.

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