The rise of elitism in our society is paralleled in our schools. It would be unreasonable to think otherwise. When the few take over a class then that class becomes their property. 

One thing that I fear about our field in 2020 is how the rise of the few in our language classes will subsequently disenfranchise the rest of the kids. This is similar to the current disappearance of the middle class. 

There already are far less “average” kids in our foreign language classes, and far more “slower” kids (whatever those terms mean), but the “faster” kids will remain the few they always have been, reflecting the biased make up of our society these days. 

We can’t change the entire society, but we can be ever vigilant and make sure that our instructional methods include all the kids in the classroom. 

We must work to protect our democratic principles. It is the loss of equity in our society and the disenfranchisement of the many that presents the greatest threat to us as teachers in 2018 America. 

Let us honor the call to find ways to include all of our kids in our instruction, however we can do it.

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