We wish Greg good luck in his Edcamp initiative today. Greg reports:

“This Saturday 12/9/17 will be Edcamp Lake County in Mundelein, Illinois (I am one of two organizers), within Edcamp we will be having a TPRS/CI room in which the Chicagoland TCI group will meet. The Chicagoland TCI group is run by this blog’s very own Sean Lawler and Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg.”

As I understand it, Greg will be presenting on various aspects of non-targeted CI. His topic:

Transform your World Language Classroom through Class-Created Characters and Stories

Learn how one Spanish teacher’s classroom was transformed through the comprehensible input strategies of “One Word Image” and “Invisibles” of Ben Slavic. Create student-generated drawings and reading materials in the target language that will allow you to get the target language into your students’ brains. Use edtech tools to aid in the creation of stories, for easy assessment, and to help students interact with these materials even when they are not in class.

We look forward to a report on how it went. Here is an explanation of Edcamp:

Here is a link to a Power Point Greg created:


I have asked Greg and he has agreed to share with us a more generic version of the Power Point that any of us can share with others in the future and thanks for that Greg.

Getting up on a Saturday in December to meet with colleagues about best practices in one’s profession goes above and beyond, and we applaud Greg’s initiative and leadership….



7 thoughts on “Edcamp”

  1. Real time commentary: Greg is doing an awesome job! Great PD session! I had solid background knowledge with OWI/Invisibles learned here through this PLC, but Greg answered a lot of my remaining “how to” questions. Thank you, Greg! You represented Ben and Tina’s work wonderfully!

      1. Thanks, I will provide the video link when I have it uploaded.

        Sean Lawler also did an AMAZING story tell with a Matava Script, Meg Prossnitz with Persona Especial, and Elaine Winer with TPRS storytelling.

        Edcamp was a success. Teachers are hungry for CI.

        I think we teachers on this blog need to start going to Edcamps in our areas, starting world language sessions at these un-conferences and starting to bring teachers on board with CI. Those kinds of free education conferences, held on Saturdays are where the teachers that really care about their jobs can be found.

        Here is an explanation of Edcamp:

        Technically we broke a little with the Edcamp model by actually having sessions with presenters, but the rest of the conference was the Edcamp “un-conference” model.

  2. Congratulations Greg and all of you who helped at this event to spread the quality of the CI way to teach students languages. I wish I could have gone. (Medical problems in my family have the 90% of my attention outside work).

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