Chain Dictée

For upper level kids as a fun break. Not intended for input gains, just some fun for kids who have a couple of years of language and who want a change in activities:

1. One student starts with Il y a

2. Next student adds a word.

3. They build a story that  way. Teacher must be involved to direct things in an interesting direction.

4. They write each word into their composition books as it occurs. Teacher does the same.

5. When done (usually the story unravels) teacher projects the correct version of the story and they make corrections.



3 thoughts on “Chain Dictée”

      1. Got it, thanks. I had forgotten you had done paragraphs. I think I’ve always done up to 5 sentences only.

        I made a video about how I have done this in Chinese, but I got a little wordy (10 minutes!). Here it is: It accounts for pinyin & an option with characters.

        I just made up sentences on the spot, usually, but it was nice when they went together like a storyline.

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