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Workshops, Conferences, Institutes

I have decided on a new way of doing trainings. Feedback from the group is requested. I have been leaning in this direction for some time. Schools with whom Ben works are asked to do the following: 1)    The entire group being trained

From Greg in Chicago: Hi Ben, I know part of the PLC, being that it is a private community is that we also share pictures and stories of our family, like how Sean recently shared pictures of his children. Here is a picture

Tina and I won't repeat our 15 city workshop tour around the country next summer. It was tough. Instead we are doing this, from a recent post by Tina on FB: Planning Summer Institutes for World Language Proficiency 2018! Here is DRAFT

Tina and I start our two day summer workshops in Philadelphia on July 10th. See the schedule here:   While we are gone, those wishing to read posts from over the past ten years of the PLC here are best advised to use the