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Standards Based Grading

Ben, there's one more thing to add, I think, about SBG: How it lines up with the weekly/bi-weekly schedule we all find so powerful. Here it goes. (And I promise this is it! Like with jGR I am trying to

And this is the fourth of four substantial articles from James: Ben, this is the last e-mail I'll send for the time being. Sorry for all the stuff, but I am really just feeling the flow and I have time because

James continues: A few people have expressed concerns about how to keep a standards-based gradebook, especially if there is a school-wide policy of so many entries per week. Here's my take. I wrote a detailed post on the practicalities of my standards-based

This is the second in a series of four articles by James on the SBG thread; the other two will appear tomorrow: Ben asked to establish the problem that standards-based grading solves. Why all the bother to change stuff? Good question;

This from James is very important: Ben, I finally had time to sit down and write out my approach to standards-based grading. I have written the first two parts so far, with one more to follow in time. There should be enough,