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There is something more going on when Linda Li teaches than just her genuine expertise at going slowly. There must be, because if the only remarkable quality in Linda's teaching was SLOW, then it wouldn't be that great, because robots

Susan responded to: with the following comment: The key to slow enough is comprehension checks. Not the hold up your fingers which tells the teacher a bit but not much. Instead, do a comprehension check about every 3 questions or so. Comprehension

A month ago Anne wrote a most poignant description of seeing one of they Hogs recently and how the scene in her school this next year is not what it was over past years with a new administration team. She described

At NTPRS this year there was a new rotating format that really worked. Presenters stayed in the same room and groups of teachers rotated in and out. Nothing was carved in stone, however, so there was a lot of choice. Bryce and