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Yesterday Anne wrote this as a comment: I think that simple is best.  If they are first-year students I would pare it down. With that said, I really don’t know how anybody uses my scripts.  I can’t even use them, now that

What a long and fascinating journey! Teaching using comprehensible input is a Long and Winding Road that leads me home, finally, from all that shitty teaching that is now, thankfully, years behind me. New idea du jour: what  we have to

...the click didn't happen without a certain ring but the other thing was that the boldest boy ran around fourteen times but it didn't work when the captain began to sing.... That's what it sounds like to our students when we

Today I returned to He Talks Too Much (Matava Vol. 1, p. 15) after all the Halloween stuff. Such a great story. I learned that it is this talking about kids in class who are doing all this crazy stuff, making it totally