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This goes under the simplicity banner. Today I: - sent by boss my lesson plans. It took three minutes because they are the same every week. - called Matava for a story because I do that whenever I will be observed that

Today I returned to He Talks Too Much (Matava Vol. 1, p. 15) after all the Halloween stuff. Such a great story. I learned that it is this talking about kids in class who are doing all this crazy stuff, making it totally

These thoughts from John written last September are very important and so I repeat them here: Hey Ben, Well I have only seen my students twice, so I have nothing to say about what I am doing with them in the classroom

At NTPRS this year there was a new rotating format that really worked. Presenters stayed in the same room and groups of teachers rotated in and out. Nothing was carved in stone, however, so there was a lot of choice. Bryce and

This is a repost from some time ago. I repeat it here because its content makes things simple for me and my new focus on simplicity is very important to me when thinking about next year. Indeed, it is my strong belief that many

I believe in keeping everything involving storytelling simple. Otherwise, I would get too confused to be effective. In my classroom world everything must be simple so that I can relax, as per: The more I plan, the more I scheme, the

Here are some things that we have to deal with in our classrooms: - being observed by unqualified people - differentiating instruction when doing so is not a practical option in a CI classroom,  especially at the lower levels - kids cheating - heads down -