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Parent Conferences

A teacher has locked horns with a parent simply because he uses best practices in foreign language instruction. Again, right? Who in our group has NOT had to schlep this scene? I think that he handled it beautifully: The parent: Bonjour, I wanted

This post from 2011 also relates to the topic of Parents Night: Hi Ben, I teach French, grades 4-6.  Wednesday night is our parent open house - students walk around the school with their parents to show them their classrooms, and take

Matthew Webster and Nathaniel Hardt have written in defense of jGR, or the Interpersonal Communication Skills Rubric (ICSR), the following. Teachers new to this powerful rubric can use them in discussions with parents about its enforcement in their classroom. I

OK time for major celebration. Jeff won. If you aren't aware of that recent thread, read these posts before reading on: Here is the wonderful report of great growth done by more than one person in this compelling situation that happened over the