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This is from John: Ben, I wanted to make sure this helpful resource is accessible to Latin teachers on your blog. It is a list of the 300 most frequent Latin words, based on the classical literature. Obviously, some important daily-use words are

I got this from John Piazza: Ben, On the Latin list recently, members have expressed anger and frustration at those who publicly say that teachers are overpaid and work very few hours. In response, a few of them have been keeping a

The fact is that the grammar teachers' claim that their students can acquire a language by focusing on bricks is and has always  been completely false. Nothing can come from studying a language in this way. As language teachers we

I got this from John: Ben, I was hoping we could develop and/or refine previous discussions about arming ourselves with a description of the underlying theory about comprehensible and even compelling input for our colleagues, administrators and parents. With Krashen and CI, I

Here are some things that we have to deal with in our classrooms: - being observed by unqualified people - differentiating instruction when doing so is not a practical option in a CI classroom,  especially at the lower levels - kids cheating - heads down -

Hi Ben, I teach 7-8 grade Latin at Cathedral School for Boys in San Francisco, CA. Early in my study of Latin I was fortunate to come into contact with teachers and colleagues who spoke Latin as a way to encourage