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These are just some random thoughts on a few threads from yesterday: Brian has called our attention to that thread about freestyle CI, which is Grant Boulanger's term for talking to the kids in a totally non-targeted way vs. following the three steps and the

The LEAP initiative in Colorado is being paid for by millions of dollars supplied by the Gates Foundation to major metro areas across the country. These sweeping new state legislated programs are being designed to force compliance with state standards

I got this question from a colleague: With new standards being put out, anti-teacher legislation being proposed in so many states, more and more "accountability" being demanded, it seems as if the teaching profession is being thrust further into the traditional,

This article that Jim sent today needs to be a separate blog post: The National Standards Discussion: A Weapon of Mass Distraction Stephen Krashen We are again invited to give our opinions about the content of national standards ( We are not invited to discuss whether we

If we agree with Krashen that comprehensible input is all about teaching so that we allow our students to learn the language we teach them unconsciously, that is, without any conscious control of what sticks in their minds (that being a hugely

The Case for Non-Targeted Comprehensible Input: The Net Hypothesis Stephen Krashen In nearly all foreign and second language classes, there is a "rule of the day" as well as vocabulary that students are expected to focus on, often referred to as "target" grammar and