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Ben, Since we talked last weekend I have been taking up your and Diana Noonan's (DPS World Languages Coordinator) challenge/mandate of using less English in the classroom.  It seemed like an odd idea, after all, I LOVE speaking in Spanish with

I was just watching The Office and Phyllis said, "We all have the right to be with somebody who wants to be with us." I love that. Applied to our classroom, it puts into perspective the incredible weeding out of

Carol sent this with my comments back in italics: Following all of the information on this thread is like trying to corral the mercury from the broken thermometer that's scattered on the bathroom floor! We all have such varying backgrounds with this stuff.

Diane Grieman sent this over from that recent L.A. TPRS meeting, as a follow up to the recent blog here on transparency: PRESENTED BY STEPHEN D. KRASHEN to a small group of language teachers in San Diego, California, on November 19, 2009 Some definitions: TRANSPARENT