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Administrators must decide, lest they resemble the donkey who, faced with two equidistant haystacks, fails to decide on which one to go to for sustenance and so starves. The old way of using a book and speaking English and the new

[ed. note: this is a recent comment by Robert. It connects to a somewhat confusing term (confusing at least to me) introduced around 2009 by Krashen - transparency. In an effort to locate the discussion of trasnparency into one accessible place with the keyword transparency

John sent this: Ben, I thought you'd either be horrified or entertained by the description of a panel at this year's upcoming American Philological Association meeting. It is called "After Krashen." What amazes me is that the working assumption seems to be

This content from a recent response by Robert to Jody on cannot be ignored so I am reposting it here as a blog entry: I have to agree with Jody. Most programs ignore the importance of the conversation, i.e. the interpersonal component. I also question

(posted by Bryce Hedstrom at his site Bryce shares: I recently did presentations on TPRS at two regional universities.  This is a journal response from AshLee Pray, a Spanish student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The reflections of a

This is a comment turned blog entry from a week ago about the history, as I see it, of comprehension based instruction over the past fifty years: We must respect the vision set out in 1983 when the push towards fluency instruction