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Student Jobs

For those using a quiz writer, Ben Lev came up with a nice little set of instructions for that student. Here they are for those interested: Querido/a Quiz Writer, ¡Gracias por escribir el examen pequeño! • 1. Please write 10 statements in Spanish

Looking back over twelve or thirteen years of designing and implementing various student jobs, I have settled on these as the most important for both targeted and untargeted stories: PQA Structure Counters Story Writer Story Artist Class Photographer Professeur #2 Mais Bleater Où/Where Person Quand/When Person Reader Leader Videographer Story Driver Actors I

There are at least two words in French that mean "suddenly": tout-à-coup soudain I would assume that this might be true in other languages. Here is an idea that Sabrina shares with us to teach those words, and it is a good one that others