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It’s About the Kids

In this new untargeted work, we must keep front and center in our consciousness that we still must absolutely shelter vocabulary and unshelter grammar.  This TPRS mantra has been true for decades, though it is often ignored by practitioners, coaches

This past year, in working with the untargeted storytelling approach with the Invisibles, in giving up the idea that I needed to start my stories with the classic TPRS list of three target structures, I found more happiness and ease

There are at least two words in French that mean "suddenly": tout-à-coup soudain I would assume that this might be true in other languages. Here is an idea that Sabrina shares with us to teach those words, and it is a good one that others

The cultures of the language we teach are so rich! When by teaching in the old way we convey to our students the message that they can't learn the culture's language, we effectively distance the culture from the child for life.