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It’s About the Kids

Actually Day 4: I had read here how Nathan Black allows the kids a short period of time at the beginning of the year to sit wherever they want so that he can spot problem kids, combinations of kids, etc. Then,

Maybe we became teachers because we like to be in control. But there is a problem with that. Real conversation between people, the good stuff, cannot be controlled. In a good discussion, no one voice dominates. Good talk is a dance among

Amber, in a previous blog entry here yesterday, said: "Mainly, I feel that my students (particulary at lower levels) are doing more of 'memorizing rules' than they are of acquiring language.  Something is coming up short in my activities…. and I think that

Got this from Brad this morning: Ben- A 2nd year student made this post today, and I thought you'd appreciate it: "Had the amazing opportunity to talk with some Mexicans tonight at the gym entirely in Spanish. It was fabulous