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When people think of language classes, consciously or unconsciously, they think of the textbook, the conjugations, the rules of agreement about parts of speech that the kids grasp but vaguely. They remember that some kids weren't interested in all that,

We know that the main reason kids don't get involved is because they don't understand, which is because we are going too fast. We know that. But perhaps another reason that TPRS stymies teachers is that the method requires that we

Here is another poem written by the Persian master Hafiz. It is taken from The Gift, translated from the Persian by Dan Ladinsky. DROPPING KEYS The small man builds cages for everyone he knows, while the sage, who has to duck his head when the moon

Here is another poem by Hafiz, translated by Dan Ladinsky: DIVIDING GOD The moon starts singing when everyone is asleep and the planets throw a bright robe around their shoulders and whirl up  close to her side.     Once I asked the moon, why do you and

I got this question from a colleague: With new standards being put out, anti-teacher legislation being proposed in so many states, more and more "accountability" being demanded, it seems as if the teaching profession is being thrust further into the traditional,