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The fact is that the grammar teachers' claim that their students can acquire a language in this way is and has been completely false. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can come from studying a language in this way. We must look at

Let's teach buildings! Let's teach Garnier's Opera House in Paris. We can walk around the outside of that building for three hours and barely begin to get what is on those exterior walls. And then we can go inside for

If it were a business, language education would eventually fail for the brick house reason. Few customers would be left. Administrators who continue to pay upper level teachers with seven or two white kids in an upper level classroom room

The result of grammar study is that the language house thus built of batches of grammar bricks has no shape or form, and, most egregiously, is not related to sound, which is what language is. How sad that years of training

Now that my vision is clear about grammar acquisition, I can see that grammar, word order, rules of agreement, all that mechanical stuff, is organized in the basement of the house! It happens by itself unconsciously! The conscious mind -

This is the first in a series of seven articles against grammar instruction. Grammar instruction hurts kids. Stop doing it if you still are. In the past, teachers would take a batch of bricks, called a chapter in a book,