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Q. Hi Ben! I am a second-year Spanish teacher. In graduate school, I studied and trained in TPRS methods with a professor whose pedagogy was centered on comprehensible input in language acquisition. I am lucky to have had her! I admire

Providing a rich diet of non-targeted language is the most effcient way to propel students to develop long-lasting proficiency in our languages. Non-targeted stories bring many other benefits to our classes besides just language gains: more trust, more engagement, less

Krashen has said: “I think that many teachers simply can’t do non-targeted input because they are required to follow a grammatical syllabus.” However, the grammatical syllabus is at odds with Krashen's hugely important Natural Order Hypothesis — the concept that we acquire

There are actually still some teachers who think that it's important to teach grammar, even though ACTFL doesn't mention the word on their site, and it has been shown via research to be marvelously ineffective. So if you ever get