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From Wikipedia: "An idée reçue is a received, or accepted, idea. This term was used by Gustave Flaubert in his work Le Dictionnaire des Idées Reçues to refer to a catch phrases and platitudes, most of which are as paradoxical as

Got this from Michael today: Hi Ben, Here's a counter perspective my buddy sent me that he ran into on I also included my response. Just thought it was hilarious to read this article and someone trying to defend the traditional approach

The fact is that the grammar teachers' claim that their students can acquire a language by focusing on bricks is and has always  been completely false. Nothing can come from studying a language in this way. As language teachers we

A pile of bricks. That is what grammar teachers inflict on their students when they don't present the whole building to their students from the beginning of their language study. What Susan Gross says about reading, therefore, is important [bracketed

When the bricks are presented from the beginning of the program of study via sound and thus as integrated and contiguous pieces of the overall house, as the learner's mind points to each brick countless times in countless arrangements of