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I got this from Norm Veilleux in Canada: Ben, Just came across this: Some pretty radical input-friendly stuff. I'm very much headed in this direction and have already implemented some of these ideas, as have many of us in the TPRS community. My

Nenêwâki means "I saw" in Sauk Language and Meshwêha means "Rabbit". I needed two times of roughly five minutes of repetitions each at the link below about how "Rabbit Goes for a Walk" to even pick out those two sounds from the

Laurie offers a perfect image to help us understand what our students experience in our CI classrsooms: For [our] students, students, [L2] is a giant green screen. [L2] is green. “New” [L2] and “old” [L2]  are all green and cannot be

I got this question from a colleague: With new standards being put out, anti-teacher legislation being proposed in so many states, more and more "accountability" being demanded, it seems as if the teaching profession is being thrust further into the traditional,