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Big CI Book (Teacher’s Discovery)

There is a descriptor for one of the other CI Facebook sites - CI/TPRS for French Teachers - that caught my eye yesterday: "We welcome any new or experienced teachers who want to share and improve their CI skills. "There are many

I have a request for anyone who uses and likes the Big CI Book. There is a review page at Teacher's Discovery. If anyone feels so moved to review it favorably, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

The Question of the Day, or maybe more like the Question of the Decade or even of the Century, is put in succinct fashion below by Emeka: Hi Ben, Just share with your that our district (Kalamazoo Public Schools in Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Hey everybody if you have read The Big CI Book and found it helpful go to this page on the Teacher's Discovery website and give it nice review!