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Beginning the Year

I believe in keeping everything involving storytelling simple. Otherwise, I would get too confused to be effective. In my classroom world everything must be simple so that I can relax, as per: The more I plan, the more I scheme, the

Here are some things that we have to deal with in our classrooms: - being observed by unqualified people - differentiating instruction when doing so is not a practical option in a CI classroom,  especially at the lower levels - kids cheating - heads down -

Andrew's blog entry made me think about next year again. The most effective CI that I do - and crucial to getting the year off on the right foot - is the Circling with Balls cards: I said about a month ago

The Circling with Balls activity (this site/resources/workshop handouts), is an excellent way to begin the year in first year classes because it addresses both the personalization piece and the establishment of the rules piece (see this site/posters for the most current

Make it clear to them that periods of silence, when the class is trying to come up with cute answers to a question, are welcome. Just sit there in that quiet space. It's o.k. - sometimes everybody needs time to