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Beginning the Year

More Circling with Balls but only one new card today. Too busy reviewing and limiting to set up the first quiz on Monday, the quiz that we have gone over so many times (Jenna plays soccer in Wonderland - the

Today as we start to roll with Circling with Balls, I really got into chanting. It just felt right because the energy in the school on the fifth day of students dipped a bit as one might expect after the

Actually Day 4: I had read here how Nathan Black allows the kids a short period of time at the beginning of the year to sit wherever they want so that he can spot problem kids, combinations of kids, etc. Then,

Today was the third day of class. The first day was when I did the Big Circle. The second was district pre-testing. Today I started in earnest with Circling with Balls. It was pretty cool. All the training this summer helped. I did