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I may have at least a basic plan for bringing Robert's assessment ideas into my classroom in the fall. It might do to start some discussion: Twice each grading period - once in the middle and once at the end, I

Kate's post talks about the key role of formative assessment. Here is something from Michele to back that up: Ben, Kristy Placido posted an article on her page under the "Assessment" heading. Its writers demonstrate a real understanding of teachers, students and schools.

I have received requests for the specific format that I personally use to test at the end of class. This is in response to the recent thread started here by Andrew Graff. Originally the idea of Susan Gross, this quiz plan works for

Andrew sent this: Hi Ben, I am enjoying the blog immensely and reaping tons of benefit from engaging with it. Before I commented more re: the assessment piece, I wanted to do some research [read: googling] about terminology, to make sure that I

I got this from Jen, who started doing CI only just this past March: On the heart-warming side, I got great honest and insightful feedback from my kids after our 8-week dip into the waters of TPRS/CI. Mostly I see that

The work-in-progress of the Chevalier de L'Ouest (Robert)  addresses formative assessment. He wants to be able to bring into the daily grading process the critical yet ignored element of how students interact in a reciprocal way (or not) with the teacher.