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FACT: People learn languages effortlessly, using a part of their brain - the unconscious mind - that cannot be taught to, cannot be reached with traditional language instruction. FACT: Most language teachers do not know this, with the result that

For those working their way through the first Star book, here is an excellent video of Jesus Horacio Baez Avila, who is master certified in the Star, leading a group of Zoom teachers from Phase 1 to Phase 5. Of

This is from my Category A book: The approach described herein involves no planning. This involves no planning of instruction and no planning of assessment as well – no preparation of tests and no grading of tests, or almost none. First, we

Testing in CI classrooms is far more damaging than we think it is. It conflicts in the most serious manner with the real research about how people learn languages. We must work harder to take down this monster in our