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When drawing a One Word Image, the artists should fill the entire large page of chart paper or butcher paper with the image. As discussed earlier, beginning classes draw two panels above and below a black line dividing the chart

Classrooms which in the past may have been filled with a low-level discomfort or outright hostility between the people in the room immediately change with the student jobs. People all over the classroom form a team, working together towards a

The “look” of the characters and all of the details created by the artist’s vision end up becoming a sort of “brand” for that class. It is their “look.”  The class brand is usually the result of a certain teenage way

I will never forget Brianna’s drawings, their well-chosen captions and all the sorts of clever ways she had to visually transmit information to the class via her medium. She had found her niche in my classroom. The class had found

How are the artists chosen? At the beginning of the year, we “audition” students for the role of artist. We want a gifted two-artist team that can work together quickly, quietly, and harmoniously, and turn out big, bold, clear drawings,