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TPRS Story Scripts Volume 3

TPRS Story Scripts Volume 3

By Anne Matava
Format: PDF Digital Download
Price: $29.95

Volume 3 of Anne Matava’s Story Scripts

About ten years ago when I first met Anne we both quickly realized that when it came to TPRS, we thought the same way. We liked teaching our classes from story scripts. Not all the stories we created with our students were great, but many were.

From time to time over the years Anne would send me some of the scripts she had written. Every time she sent me one it crackled and sparkled in class and I slowly began to realize that the scripts she sent me were consistently really good.

Over time I began to understand that Anne had a kind of decoder switch into the workings of the teenage mind. Thus, for the past ten years or so I have primarily worked from her scripts as they have appeared in the two volumes of stories that appeared before this one. Anne’s scripts have been my safe haven in the TPRS storm of change.

This volume is in my opinion the best of the three. It also includes Anne’s opinion of the top ten scripts from her first two volumes. Another addition to this volume is Appendix D – a detailed description of how to use a story script to create a story with your students.

Ben Slavic