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TPRS Story Scripts Volume 1

TPRS Story Scripts Volume 1

By Anne Matava
Format: PDF Digital Download
Price: $29.95

The forty stories in this book were written to increase the level of personalization and interest in the TPRS classroom. They are simple scripts, each with 3 target phrases repeated throughout.

These scripts were not written to accompany any particular curriculum or textbook. They can be adapted for use in any second language classroom, even if the teacher is not using TPRS exclusively. Each script has been teacher-tested and found to be engaging and effective.

Unlike many TPRS materials, which rely heavily on talking animals and similar scenarios, these scripts depict familiar situations that are interesting to adolescents.

Underlined words in the stories represent variables – the details that we prompt the students to provide. Stories often turn out to be absurd; however, it is the students’ interests, and their sense of humor, which drive the absurdity. In this way, each class creates a highly personalized and compelling story.

The scripts in this book can help to make your stories tight, individualized, and memorable. It includes sections on starting the year with TPRS, and on scripting your own stories – two of the more troublesome areas teachers new to the method have reported.

Here is a sample script:

He Talks Too Much

stop it!
the whole time, all the time

Troy talks too much. He talks all the time. (At this point you can find out what he talks about, in what language, etc.) He goes to the movies and talks the whole time to John McCain. John McCain says, “Shhh! Stop it!” but Troy does not stop talking. The manager comes and says, “Leave the cinema!”

Troy goes to the library. There he talks the whole time to Lexi, who is trying to do homework. Lexi says, “Shhh! Stop it!” but Troy does not stop talking. The librarian comes and says, “Leave the library!”

He goes to the dentist. The dentist has her hands in his mouth. She can not help him, because he talks the whole time. She says, “Shhhh! Stop it!” but Troy does not stop talking. His teeth rot and fall out. He can’t talk anymore, because he has no teeth.