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The Big CI Book

The Big CI Book

By Ben Slavic 
Format: PDF Digital Download
Price: $89.95

A Step By Step Guide For Foreign Language Teachers

The Big CI Book is the best selling book of all time of its publisher, Teacher’s Discovery. At 400 pages, it vastly expands on the skills and strategies available to comprehensible input teachers before its publication.

Ben says, “This book puts all my thoughts and knowledge about teaching using comprehensible input into one place. I just wish I had it with me when I first started my career as a language teacher.”

The book describes in detail twenty-seven strategies, many of which are new, as well as fifteen skills. It’s heavy on classroom management strategies. This vastly expanded and new material greatly helps teachers because of the level of detail presented in the discussion of those strategies and skills.” 

A note to department heads:

Hard copies of The Big CI Book are needed in growing CI departments. If it’s an electronic copy your team members can say in those meetings that they read it but didn’t. If it’s in front of them at a meeting they need to have read the material to be accountable to you. Thus, the group can together progress toward the eventual goal of a unified and clearly defined CI department sharing the same vision.

The strategies and skills offered in The Big CI Book will provide your team with a concrete way to move to a unified CI practice within your building. It’s useful for online instruction during COVID, but be aware that the best book for that is The Invisibles


Customer Reviews


Eva Allison:

“Your books are so good, reaffirming, practical and inspiring.”


Chad Pysher:

“I find myself hunkered down with your Big CI Book, at all times of the day/night, mining for gems of expertise and connecting and further processing so many of the pieces I picked up at iFLT, but couldn’t yet fully appreciate/understand.

Your book is very rich with insight, the likes of which one is hard pressed to keep to oneself. I read, note, process, then, almost immediately, text my colleagues with my latest discoveries.

Thank you for furnishing us novices with such a fantastic resource! I can’t wait to put these practices in play!


Judith Logsdon-Dubois

“The Big CI Book is quite an accomplishment. I’ve just finished reading it and wishing I was a young teacher just starting out with this treasure under my arm.