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A Natural Approach To The Year

A Natural Approach To The Year

By Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden
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Price: $99.95

A Year Of Lesson Plans For The First-Year Proficiency-Based Classroom

Whether you are just starting out or are a long-time teacher looking to simplify your preparation and hone your skills, this book will guide you day by day, week by week, and month by month through the year.

You can finally stop looking for the “next activity” to engage your students. Stop all the hours of looking endlessly for the “next cool” strategy. 

Customer Reviews

Laura Peterson Mathieu:

“A new way to teach language and communication. These methods engage all learners in creative, full brain, immersion style teaching while still remaining comprehensible.

My students enjoy my class now and talk about it at home. They are understanding and producing the language at a much higher rate and I am more engaged in class as well!”


Anna Gilcher:

“Just bought the book! I’m already enjoying it. Thanks for the great writing and the wonderful ideas.”


Jennifer Cornell:

“This book has completely transformed my teaching in the best way possible. It explains comprehensible input instruction in a very clear, succinct manner. You will never want to go back to teaching from a textbook after seeing the change this book makes in your students’ language skills.”