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A Natural Approach To Stories

A Natural Approach To Stories

By Ben Slavic with Tina Hargaden
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A Happier Way To Teach Languages

If you weren’t focusing on teaching certain words and phrases, what would you focus on in your CI instruction? Have you struggled with storytelling? Could it be smoother without the pre-selected targets? Would your students learn enough, or might they learn a lot more? 

Ben Slavic has ventured out from the TPRS story-creation process that he used for many years to explore the possibilities of non-targeted comprehensible input. Ben has discovered that letting go of pre-selected targets allows the teacher to focus on the words students want to know and the compelling characters they create.

As a result, the students acquire the language happily, and engagement skyrockets on both sides—for both students and teacher. The kids know FAR MORE vocabulary words at the end of the year without all the common assessments and all the other “traditional” TPRS teaching.

Of course, you can’t just talk and hope that kids understand, and you can’t jump into creating stories without laying some groundwork. It would be chaos! A plan is needed. A Natural Approach to Stories lays the basis for that plan, and The Invisibles then completes it.

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Customer Reviews

Megan Smallwood:

“I have had a huge internal struggle the past several years about how I am teaching language, this really has rejuvenated me. I have never been so excited to read a book after attending a workshop!”


Jen Schongalla:

“Invisibles win for fun factor on homework. I had two kids write a detailed story over the weekend because they were so excited about their character. Who does this? “We have a story! Can we do our story today! We worked on it all weekend!”


Latrina Thompson:

“Learning about non-targeted input has really been the key that has unlocked the door to teaching with CI and I am so grateful for it.”


Anne Matava:

“I just finished reading A Natural Approach to Stories, and am excited beyond words. There is so much in it that resonates with me, that intuitively I know is right. I’ve already begun to implement some of the more subtle ideas, with great success, in my classroom. Setting up the room and the classroom jobs as you describe will take a little more time, but I know it’s the right thing for my students. I just love everything about this. It’s student centered, fun, organic, community-building, and clearly leads to great gains in student proficiency. This is ground-breaking. Thank you for this wonderful gift!”

Keri Biron:

“My student teacher and I are deep into the Invisibles now and WE LOVE THEM!! We love the awesome, creative characters and each unique story behind them! As suggested, I have an area – the “Gallery” – in my room dedicated to each of my five classes and each class wants to outdo the next!

The pictures intrigue the students and the stories have been so much better without a plan, and yet each story has consistently been a success! I think it’s really clear to the students now that with the Invisibles it is their responsibility to come up with the story and if it’s not interesting, it’s on them.” 

Scotty Jimenez:

“As a teacher who came very close to burning out from constantly repeating randomly selected structures, not to mention feeling a kind of constant pressure to entertain my students with stories,

A Natural Approach to Stories with the Invisibles has lifted a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. With the Invisibles, the students do all the heavy lifting, providing me with the structures they want to learn based on their character’s story.”