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Getting Them To Learn

I wrote a comment today to Toni but wanted to put it, and another one, here in blog form so they can be referenced later instead of being scrolled out: A thought that I am

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Use Of Questionnaires Question 3

Q. What do you tell the students that they are doing the questionnaires for? A. I tell them that I need information to talk about in class because I think that school is boring and

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Q. I wonder how you circle the name they wish to have, how you fish for more information behind it. Could you explain a bit or perhaps give a short script to make clear what

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Transparency 2

Diane Grieman sent this over from that recent L.A. TPRS meeting, as a follow up to the recent blog here on transparency: PRESENTED BY STEPHEN D. KRASHEN to a small group of language teachers in

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Use Of Questionnaires Question 2

 Q. Do you keep these questionnaires filed near the front of the class, so you can scan through them and incorporate them into stories? A. This is a very important question. I look at no more

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Use Of Questionnaires Question 1

Q. I am planning on giving out the questionnaires tomorrow or Wednesday, which I haven’t been using up to this point. But I just had a couple of questions about their use. Do you always

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Donna's Participation Rubric

I will definitely continue to study how best to use Donna’s participation rubric. I learned in that discussion about a month ago here that when I use it to judge the kids’ levels of engagement

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Speaking With Emotion

I was viewing some of the East High video I took (six classses, all level one) around the time Diana and Linda and Donna visited, but I didn’t get to any editing, so it will

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Dirk in Portland sent this: So I am experimenting with using dice to determine some events or plot twists in stories.  I take six suggestions and assign each one a number.  The roll determines where

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