Greg wrote this cool power point on A Natural Approach to Stories, which I think in many ways is an even more important book than A Natural Approach to the Year:



9 thoughts on “ANATS”

  1. I see you have 4 student jobs listed, 1) Story writer, 2) Profe 2, 3) Story driver, and 4) Artist. Are these really the only jobs you use, Greg?

  2. Sean until Greg responds just an observation from me since I invented the jobs. I honestly think that if he only uses those four, then they are the right four, the best ones, and there is certainly no requirement to use all fourteen. Honestly to get all fourteen going requires until March with a good class anyway. And we certainly don’t want to assign them before each one emerges organically.
    I have two artists, the story driver is w/o a doubt the best job next to the artist bc of the way we run class together – the SD is far more than a timer, as during class we constantly make eye contact so that the system/machine of the Invisibles stays within the 25 minutes story framework, etc.
    The Profe 2 is just so amusing, it’s my favorite person in class bc it always highlights the quiet kid who w/o this job would be a wallflower w no voice but this really brings out the right kid into a featured role in class, and it is almost always a quiet highly intelligent girl, one of those kids who have learned the social norm (soon to be changed w the upcoming elections) to be quiet but is a FORCE as the Profe 2. Story writer is good of course, since I don’t use Tina’s system for creating the written story (she makes it in class which I find boring).

    1. Good insight on picking Profe 2. Some extroverted students couldnt handle the pressure, so they resigned. There are also some who pick the least favorite suggestion instead of one that has the most response from the whole class. So people get into an uproar.

  3. I’m going to introduce the story driver now. I haven’t done that before, probably because I didn’t feel comfortable enough, or I think I did try it a couple of times last year but the students that choose to be the SD didn’t give me any signs to move along. I’ll have to make sure that I connect with the SD plenty throughout the story so they understand the value of their job.
    Otherwise, my go-to jobs have been artist, profe 2, secretary, laser pointer (points to words on the wall when appropriate), dictionary master, sound effects guru, and the boss (who fires those not doing their job).
    I’m lucky in that once again, this year, my classes are very small. I would be leaning on these jobs more heavily if my classes were big.

    1. Sean just be cautious on choosing the SD. It’s got to be the very best kid in the class, the one who such a fast processor that they are bored. Better not to fill this position if you don’t have the right candidate. Kind of like with POTUS.

    2. I have always had to train my SDs but not for long. I have them cough or stomp on the ground and ALL students clap and all further suggestions are saved for another question.

      1. You know you have a top quality SD when the kid gets upset when you aren’t making eye contact with them. They literally provide the timing framework for your successful 25 minute stories through the seven step sequence in the same way that the floor cards provide the spatial framework for a successful story. TPRS didn’t have this kind of built in system to guide the story to timely fruition, resulting in those horrendous unending stories that never really had any “pop” to them. The 25 minute system is a major breakthrough in storytelling, in my opinion.

  4. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    Hey Sean, just a though but maybe while you’re trying to support the SD to make it a habit of moving the story along, you allow the use of a stopwatch or timer of some sort…(as a perk? then you can naturally incorporate some numbers or time telling, if you care to…) Then when the SD ‘gets it’ you can phase out the timer…
    (which could be the class wall clock, a watch, a timer on the c’ter screen – whatever…)
    I have never used SD (yet) either…

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