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5 thoughts on “Quechua”

  1. For those like me unfamiliar with this culture, I found this in Wikipedia:

    Apurímac is a region in southern-central Peru. It is bordered on the east by the Cusco Region, on the west by the Ayacucho Region, and on the south by the Arequipa and Ayacucho regions. The region’s name originates from the Quechua language and means “where the gods speak” in reference to the many mountains of the region (gods in the Andean religion) that seem to be talking to each other.

  2. Here is my own response to Stephan. I’m not sure what to tell him bc he hasn’t taught languages before, which may be in his favor. What can we tell him?

    Hi Stephan – 

    Choosing structures as per TPRS doesn’t work for me and I have moved on from it. 

    I am sending you some materials. However, if you are happy with what you have been doing, by all means stay with it. This is just another way to peel the banana.

    I am committed to your success in this work, since you are not buying into what they are currently doing with Quechua.


  3. The beauty of NTCI is that you create your own material… the language how it is currently used. This would include the literacy piece but also NTCI stories to build rich input for students and communication/ownership.

    I would say that having access to elders’ language is important to include a rich vocabulary and cultural values but also including younger generations of native speakers to balance “classic”, rich input with current active speakers interaction with surrounding non-native communities. I have heard that in Mexico some native speakers are using “pero”/but in their language because it is a quick way to use. I side with the value of a language not being “pure” but lived through with core values emphasized.

  4. This reminds me of the Ignite Languages conference in Cherokee Nation that Wade Blevin’s heads-up and I (and Jason Bond, and Steven, and others) run sessions for.

    Last year we got too TPRSy, that is, too convoluted, at the Cherokee Nation conference. We have to watch that. Tina wasn’t there last year, as she was the year before, which is partly why.

    With heritage languages and helping educators of heritage languages, I think we have to emphasize more what not to do than what to do. Being there is so much misconception of how people acquire a language, it’s more of a task of taking that down to build up again. And building up again starts with feeling comfortable speaking in the L2. Ideally, telling stories in the L2. Tell the story. Write the story. Read the story. Of course, how you run stories depends on age level and interest level of students.

    I’m looking forward to working with you again, Steven, at Cherokee Nation.

    1. Yes! Sean. Actually some of your own students were rocking NTCI by if people are tired. The student starting by asking whether they were tired or not individually. I said that I wasnt. Then she started to count the numbers. I remember that HEESK was 5 in cherokee and that stuck with me forever.

      We did have some very TPRS style teachers who emphasized skills based teaching instead of communication, I feel. Looking forward to working with you again!

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