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November 2020

Source: Language Assessment; Principles and Classroom Practices, H. Douglas Brown and Priyanvada Abeywickrama. Pearson Education, 2010. There are five principles of language assessment: PracticalityReliabilityValidityAuthenticityWashback Practicality includes: Staying within the budgetDoable within time constraintsClarity of directions for administrationAppropriate utilization of human resourcesNot exceeding available material

In various writings, Robert Harrell has illustrated and defended the use of comprehensible input in foreign language classrooms. The CI tidal wave, however, has yet to find its defense in most district level Scope and Sequence documents, which are still

Another repost from Robert Harrell. He raises the right points and has a way of exposing stinking thinking in language instruction as no other person can. Enjoy! Hi Ben,  Thanks to the feedback from the PLC, I have revised the Eight Traps