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May 2020

A repost from 2018: I'm on a new kick - the appreciation of beauty. By us. When we're teaching. So that our students can experience something beautiful each day instead of what they experience now, with the testing in all their

Nine years ago I met Kate Taluga at a conference on saving native endangered languages in Oklahoma. She also attended a National TPRS conference around that time and presented on building community with students - I believe that conference was

We were talking about the limitations brought by the new practitioners of TPRS/CI who have over the past twenty years led the TPRS/CI movement into a new marketplace which I call the "CI Marketplace", where the purity of the research

In the last post we suggested that there have been waves of language teachers since about 1970. The first were the traditionalists. 'Nuff said. The second were the Blaine Ray disciples who came in with real force in the early 2000s.

I said in a recent Teacher's Discovery webinar - just yesterday actually - that we need to finally grow up in our profession. We need to become big girls and boys now that COVID has opened up a new and

Viktoria has read the book with particular close attention to Cat. A. She has also attended the last few weeks of Zoom instruction on Cat. A. I am thrilled to report that we just finished a Zoom class in which Victoria