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December 2019

What happens in schools over the years with our students is that everything becomes increasingly based on performance. Beginning in the latter part of elementary school, everything starts to become based on success and tests, and if a child can't

Obviously. The outage was caused by malware. Thanks for your patience. Rest assured that the new company protecting this site is very highly rated, so we should not have any more hacking problems, fingers crossed. Apparently hacking of all

Craig has a question for the group: I'm realizing finally that I have a problem. It is this. I am far too accommodating to students. Especially to ones that don't make any effort to accommodate my requests. Any of you do this? 

Q. I know that in the Invisibles book you offer lots of ideas for sub days. Could you summarize some of them here? A. Here are some: (1) Give the students translation tests of previous readings from the star. Doing this serves two purposes:

Starting stories with a general idea about a problem and no targets is a great way of getting a robust and healthy plot line going. I once asked Joe Neilson (the unrecognized co-founder of TPRS) how he starts his stories. He told me that