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Dr. Lynch is going to be vacationing off the Maine coast next week and when I heard that news I mentioned to Julia that two of the best CI teachers – in my opinion –

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Mike Peto Workshop in CO

Sierra Middle School in Colorado Springs is hosting Mike Peto on Friday, September 21, for his “My Perfect Year” workshop. Here is the flyer: The workshop is $69 and participants will receive a copy

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Cute Ideas – 8

Cute Idea #8: The Questionnaire This idea was developed many years ago by master teacher Anne Matava. If you learn that Jeff has an interest in cars, during card talk or just talking with him

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Common Assessments/Grammar

Tina wrote the following on the CI Liftoff page. It is a start in responding to the heavy-handed people in your department who still target grammar on common assessments and other tests. It’s a vigorous

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