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Tina and CALP

I wrote this as a comment in response to a point Alisa made earlier today, but am moving it here as a post because of its importance: This work is all going to CALP. Yes,

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Invisibles Star Sequence

Alisa pointed out how the 25 – 35 min. goal for an invisibles story is a good change from the old days of milking stories, sometimes for days. She pointed out: …sometimes maybe we wanted

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Always Positive Rule

Here is a very simple yet very powerful immediate response to any negative comment you may hear in your classroom, before, during or after class. It is from PLC member Ryann Campbell, who reports: …I

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OWI – 3 questions

Mila, who is working to master the Invisibles process (and quickly getting there) asks: Q. So, they already drew the OWI character. They decided the details of the character: ex., gigantic red sheep named Geppetto*

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