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January 2018

Mila, who is working to master the Invisibles process (and quickly getting there) asks: Q. So, they already drew the OWI character. They decided the details of the character: ex., gigantic red sheep named Geppetto who is dumb, very rich, very

Question 2 Jonathan explains: My colleague (also a member of this CI PLC) has been given the, shall we say, "beautiful challenge" of teaching a French 3/4/5 class comprised of 35 students total in a room that only has 26 desks.  Oh,

We have some really good questions from Jonathan in Virginia. I put my responses below, and we can use the comment fields. I would love to see if group members have thoughts on the cart question, in particular. It's a

For those looking for some curriculum docs that match up with elementary CI, we have these from Alisa: Elementary Spanish grades 1-4: Spanish Grades 5-6: Spanish grade 7: Spanish Grade 8:

If you look at this video of our Alisa teaching her very young kids, I suggest you turn off the sound: What do you notice? I notice that Alisa encourages, as much as possible, freedom of physical movement by the kids.