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Good News!

This is from Sarah Downey: So,… I went to work today even though I have been sick since the 23rd and feel and look awful because today I get to teach all day. As my

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Jen on Assessment

Jen wrote this and it cuts to the chase big time: I am trying to spend the least amount of time possible thinking about, entering and scheming the grades. It is such an energy suck.

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Jen sent this:

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Starla la Destructora

I’m not even sure who wrote this but here is a link to a little reader: Also Greg wrote one:

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Be The Change

I love this comment from Greg. It has a very in-your-face quality to it: In the USA most people have taken 2-4 years of a language in their lifetime, yet they show little proficiency and

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Survey and Listening Activity

We can avoid conflict by even saying to anyone, including our students, that we use CI. Steven suggested today that we call common assessments “surveys”. I think that is a brilliant idea. It softens everything.

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On Grading

Carly recently commented here on the subject of grading kids – find the text below. I find her statements to be powerful and true, except for one, the part about grading “behavior”. I would replace

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