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The Bite Size Book of May Activities

Maybe Tina can get this little book done (all the Bite Size Books on are around 30 pp.) before next May. Here is the first chunk of ideas from Tina and thanks for sharing

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Scotty’s Commute

Ben, Here is my commute down a back country road, the kind you always hear about in all of those country songs you listen to! While Oxford, MS is fairly busy as a university town,

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General Update – 3

So why not start thinking about next year already? Because some of us are barely able to drag our resistant asses into our classrooms these days? All the more reason to do it! My firm

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General Update – 2

Tina and I (CI Liftoff) have a few books now on that are very good. One is about the why of non-targeted CI instruction. It is a tremendously valuable look at the entire topic

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General Update – 1

I’m starting to be practical and think about aiming the content of the PLC toward next year. It’s because the professional feeling here right now is colored by that “Month of May” feeling of semi-despair

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