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Questioning and FLOW – Friends?

Questioning is the enemy of FLOW. FLOW is necessary. Therefore, questioning is not as welcome in our work as we may have thought in the past. However, if certain questions slide by and are not

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Tina’s Three Proposals – 2

I propose that the practice of “circling” is independent of the T1/NT+T2 debate.  Steve asserts that circling can be used to provide T2.  Yes I can see myself doing some light circling in my own

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We Need New Readers

CI Liftoff, the company that Tina and I have formed, has many goals: to further Beniko’s work in Story Listening, to communicate to others what we think CI can be (not T1), to do regional workshops

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Story Listening Example

This is from our group member Carmen Suárez in Chicago: Hi Ben, I want to share something that I did for my students (K-2). I found a book in the library of one the kindergarten rooms,

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