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March 2017

Tina wrote this: It is not important that students comprehend every individual word. It is important  that they can follow the message and not get lost and that they stay engaged.  In fact, we would argue that many teachers’ failures to

Our group can be a gold mine for shared information. The request today is from Jeff in Illinois. If anyone can help with any pre-written verbage for this kind of proposal it might save Jeff some time: I just got approved

I am happiest in the midst of a good story with a strong group of kids whose hearts are open. Then it all becomes worthwhile. How many of our colleagues want the special sort of bliss that happens in those

Story Listening works and is easy for both teacher and students, because it aligns with Krashen in these areas: 1) acquisition/learning; 2) natural order; 3) affective filter; 4) compelling comprehensible input; 5) monitor (not output but for input). Tina and Beniko