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December 2016

Our classes are based on a creative community that we lead.  In all communities, the members play different roles, and bring different strengths to the group.  We create stories together, but some kids are stronger co-creators. We laugh, but some

As we often do at certain times of the year, let's take a little break. We've been working hard, teaching hard, finding things out about ourselves and this method, sometimes gnashing our teeth and sometimes, when riding the wave of

A repost from 2012: I've been wondering why storytelling is so challenging.  But then I thought that, for the past few hundred years at least, the modus operandi of teachers has been to simply intimidate kids in classrooms. (Tolstoy recalled his years

Thanks to Christina most of the Director's Cues have been translated into Spanish. There remain these to translate, if anyone has the time and thanks in advance: victoriously bowing with hand in air embarrassed thankfully grumpy itchy mysteriously exhausted tired while falling asleep upset calmly in a silly fashion sweetly cuddly with tiny hands with small mouth